Proud Sponsor of the Utah Summer Games

Proud Sponsor of the Utah Summer Games

Tae Kwon Do

June 17, Saturday

Event Rules & Guidelines

Event Coordinator: Master Wayne Hull
Cell Phone: (801)712-4612

Assistant Coordinator: Master Jason Davis
Cell Phone: (801)360-0177

Assistant Coordinator: Master Richard Davis
Cell Phone: (801)318-6264

Registration Fee:

This is an annual registration fee per individual athlete. An additional sport fee will be added based on the sport participated in.

Sport Fee:

How to Register: Register online

Registration Deadline: Registration deadline is Monday, June 12th. There will be NO registration available on the day of the event.

Canyon View High School
Main Gym
166 W 1925 N, Cedar City
*Dates, times and locations are subject to change. Check website or with coordinator for updated information.

Check-in: Tae Kwon Do Athletes need to check in at the Southern Utah University Physical Education Building prior to the competition. 


Friday, June 2nd – 5pm - 7pm

Saturday, June 3rd – 7am - 7pm

Wednesday, June 7th – 2pm – 7pm

Thursday,  June 8th – 7am – 7pm

Friday,  June 9th – 7am – 7pm

Saturday,  June 10th – 7am – 4pm

Monday,  June 12th – 7am – 7pm

Tuesday,  June 13th -  7am – 4pm

Wednesday,  June 14th – 4pm – 7pm

Thursday,  June 15th – 7am – 7pm

Friday,  June 16th – 7am – 7pm

Saturday,  June 17th – 7am – 4pm

Eligibility, Confirmation, Refund Policy Information